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April 07, 2007


Sarah Barlow

I completely agree! Once I learned how to do it I can never go back! It's so much more accurate! Mike Colon shoots that way too so I guess there's a way to do it with Nikon too:)

jenna walker

ok. ok. you've convinced me to try this! love love the new blog! congrats! it looks awesome!

Jerry Lai

I think I'm gonna have to take at least take partial credit for converting you to back button focusing!


Rodolfo Arpia

Hey Chris, I learned this from fellow Nikon shooter Mike Colón ;-) and haven't changed that setting on my D2X ever since.

Great tips you're sharing... I really enjoy to read useful blogs like yours... keep'em coming.

Chris Humphreys

Yeah, Jerry I guess that's fair. :) Pepper planted the idea in my mind and got me pretty interested, but I guess you were really the one who got the idea to stick! :)

David Jay

B needs to separate the shutter function from his finger! lol :P

Angela Hubbard

im adjusting now :) thanks for the tip!

michelle white

Hi chis, I appreciate you sharing the photography tips, but i had a question about the back focus button and wondered if maybe you could help me. I have the 5D, and I readjusted my buttons so that my back button is my focus but for some strange reason my back button only works in the AI Focus and not in the AI SERVO, not sure what i could be doing incorrectly. Any suggestions?

David Lai

That is a great tip. I've been struggling with getting spot of focus sometimes with this technique and was wondering if you had some more advice. When you focus, do you just press the * button and as soon you it seems focused, you release? and how do you know when to release? and also, on the 1d cameras, do you leave the AI servo speed on standard or do you change the speed of that in custom functions?
Thanks a lot for the help!

Jameel Morrison

Chris YOU ROCK! This is AWESOME. I don't know how I got by without this. MUCH more control.

Christina Sandberg

Chris, I am still a bit confused on this technique. I have a 5D and shoot a lot of weddings. Do you use back button all the time or only in certain situations? I'd apprecitate any further help you could send my way! Thanks for sharing!


i found your blog today and i still cant tare myself away from it... I appreciate your help so much, you are awesome!!!!!!!! i am trying to figure out the focus trick, and i m pretty sure i got my settings right.. but i m not sure how to use them... meaning how do i know iam focused? how do does one know when you are doing it right?? i hope this is not a dumb question!!! :D could you reply to my email address?????? thank you soo much in advance!!!


just curious about what becomes of the exposure lock at this point? or do you shoot fully manual? i do use that button at times... thanks!


I'm trying to do this technique, made all the switches in the camera, but when I focus on something, there are no red lights to help me out. Is this normal? I'm using a Canon Rebel XT.

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