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April 19, 2007


[ b ] e c k e r

my thoughts exactly chris. great post.



As a fellow news junkie (and a former journalist) it was hard to see this maniac on all the channels. Couldn't the networks show some restraint and have some sense of decency? Well, anything to draw in the audience and boost ratings right? Ugh!

We have a two-year old at home and my wife and I just agreed to not watch any of this crap while at least he was awake and running around. We watched Emeril Live instead.

Melissa Rich

I couldn't agree more Chris! He does NOT deserve this and the media--once again--is totally abusing what they SHOULD strive to to..not exploit it, advertise it or themselves.

Will Parris

I couldn't have said it better!

Paige Kearin

Chris- I couldn't agree with you more!

Paige Kearin

Are we promoting him right now by focusing on him more? Maybe we should be posting on something great going on in the world? Awesome truth. Your next post should be about someone promoting peace. Give peace some publicity!

Chris Uglanica


You hit the nail on the head brother. all I seem to find on the late night news talk shows this week is about this guy. It's very sad that his video has been gotten the recognition on YouTube that it has.

Hopefully more people will speak up and the networks will take notice.


You took the words right out of my mouth!


Great post Chris.


wow, I *totally* agree! The NBC logo is SO ridiculous. great post. so right on. and I love what Paige said about giving peace some publicity!

r dee

well you are putting his picture up too... isnt that giving credit?

Chris Humphreys

I suppose, but it was rather making a point about just how publicized he was. I thought about that when making the post, but thought the sake of my argument was stronger by posting the images rather than not posting them.

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